Steve Spurrier left Tebow off pre-season ballot

7/24/2009 9:20 AM

Hoover, Alabama - South Carolina coach Steve Spurrier finally admitted that he was the coach that left Tim Tebow off his pre-season ballot.  He admitted after about a minute of proding and trying to dodge the question that his director of football opperations filled out his ballot and he glanced at it and they turned it in.  When the media arrived here Wednesday and the big question was which coach left Tebow off his ballot, Spurrier called his director of opperations and asked him who they had put in that top quarterback spot.  He said there was a pause on the other end of the phone conversation.  He put Jevan Snead there.  Jamie Speronis was born in Lowell, Massachusetts and graduated from Florida.  Spurrier asked him why Tebow was not on the ballot and he said he already had 10 Gators on the list.  Hey Jamie!!!!  you left the best player on the Gators team off of your list.  Look for Florida to hang as many points on South Carolina as possible this year.


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