Brackets, Brackets, Brackets

3/13/2012 4:29 PM

Ok....Get Set.....Go!!!!!

Time to get in those brackets.  $5, $10, $25 What ever your buy in is, get the money and get your bracket in.  Office pools go hand in hand like mustard on a hot dog at a baseball game.  

So with the Razorbacks not making the dance this year who is in your Final Four?  Kentucky, North Carolina, Duke, Syracuse, Missouri?  

After the announcement today that Fab Melo will not be able to play for Syracuse, I think they will struggle to make the Sweet 16.  Who will be this years sleeper?  Is Wichita State a sleeper?  No, but they could give Kentucky trouble if both teams win their first two games.

Get your brackets in and let the madness begin!  It's March!   


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