Rain on Saturday?

9/3/2009 2:40 PM

Little Rock - So the weather might be a little suspect at best on Saturday when the Hogs open the 2009 season at War Memorial Stadium in Little Rock against Missouri State.  After a Summer of great weather and maybe one day with a high temperature close to 100 degres, who could complain.  If you are making plans to attend the game, or tailgate around War Memorial, remember that you will not be allowed to carry umbrellas into the stadium for the game Saturday.  Isn't it odd that last week everyone was talking about a perfect weekend for the opening game of 2009, and now there is a 60 percent chance of rain.  Hopefully the meteorologist will be wrong and the sun will shine on the Hogs and fans Saturday.

Parking on the golf course could be a mess if it rains for any long period of time, so if your plan is to park there please be careful and not get stuck in the mud. 

Get your ponchos and water boots ready......Razorback Football is here!!!!


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