9/6/2009 9:33 AM

Little Rock - For those of you who were not inside War Memorial Stadium in time for the 6:07pm kickoff of the 2009 Arkansas Razorback football season shame on you.  You missed Dennis Johnson return the opening kickoff 91 yards for a touchdown.  If the Missouri State Bears had a chance to wave a white flag it should have been when they stepped off their bus when they arrived at War Memorial Stadium.

After that it didn't take the Arkansas Defense long to intercept a Cody Kirby pass and give the Offense great field position for Ryan Mallett to guide the team towards the end zone.  When the Hogs couldn't move the ball on the ground they would dial up pass plays and Ryan Mallett carved up the Missouri State Defense better than a Thanksgiving Turkey.

As with any game there were places where the Razorbacks could use improvement.  Short yardage situations when it seemed like the Hogs were determined to move the ball on the ground against a nine man defensive front. 

On Special teams besides the opening kickoff Alex Tejada "Duck Hooked" two ball out of bounds to give the Bears field position at the 40 yard line.  John L. Smith will get that corrected as well as the breakdown in kickoff coverage and punt returns.

The Razorbacks have a week off before the Georgia Bulldogs come to Fayetteville.  They can use the open week to work on the problems and get healthy.  They will need to be healthy, SEC play starts with Georgia, and the Razorbacks will play eleven straight weeks of football in the toughest conference in America.....THE SEC!


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