Dawgs Gut Hogs

9/20/2009 8:33 PM

FAYETTEVILLE - It was a simple play.  Joe Cox, the Georgia Quarterback, took the snap and handed the ball to Richard Samuel and he went 80 yards in fourty five seconds and the Bulldogs cut the Razorbacks lead to 21-17.

Sure it was a simple play, but just after Arkansas had intercepted Cox, Jerry Franklin was called for two unsportsmanlike conduct penalties and ejected from the game for his actions.  The officials backed the Hogs up 30 yards from where Tramain Thomas came down with the interception and the Hogs would be forced to punt the ball back to the Dawgs when the offense sputtered.  That is when Cox and the Georgia coaching staff hit the Hogs in the gut. 

Ryan Mallett showed why he will be a first round draft pick in the NFL someday, but after being backed up 30 yards it seemed like the air was coming out of the Razorback balloon.  Mallett had 21 completions on 39 attempts for 408 yards and 5 touchdowns.  He wrote his name into the record books midway through the fourth quarter.  He had help though, with receivers diving for and catching passes that could not have been more on the money than Tiger Woods winning a second FED EX Cup this year.  Mallett now holds the record for most touchdown passes in a game by an Arkansas Quarterback (5) and most passing yards in a game by an Arkansas Quarterback (408).

The Razorbacks need to find their defense and do it quickly.  Next Saturday they find themselves on the road in Tuscaloosa, Alabama.  It will be the SEC opener for the Crimson Tide, and they will try to gut the Arkansas defense just like the Dawgs did.  The question will be can the Hogs bounce back? 

When your offense puts up 41 points in the SEC, most of the time you WIN!  The problem for the Hogs is they were gutted by the Dawgs for 52.


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