Arkansas Football Reaches a New Low

9/17/2012 3:56 PM

April fools day will never be the same for Arkansas fans.  Never!  It was April 1st when Bobby Petrino, Head Coach of the Arkansas Razorbacks at the time, decided to take a motorcycle ride with his mistress, Jessica Dorrell, on that pleasant Sunday afternoon.  It was the Monday morning after when most Razorback fans went into shock.  When I reported the facts on The Show With no Name, some news agancies called it a late April fools day joke.  That was not the case.  Bobby Petrino had wrecked his bike and the entire Razorback football program at the same time.  We just didn't know how bad the damage would be but we found out this past weekend.

After a 34-31 overtime loss to ULM where Arkansas lost Tyler Wilson and Tevin Mitchell, who both wear number 8, and Kody Walker, who was the starting fullback after Keiro Small went down in practice during the week, could it get any worse?  

Yes!  52-0 thanks to Alabama.

What was at one time a promising year with Heisman trophy and National Championship talk, it has quickly turned into trying to salvage a season.  Interim Head Coach John L. Smith doesn't have any answers.  All you have to do is listen to him during the post game press conference.  He said he didn't know what to tell the players.  Do what?  You are the Head Coach.  You should have the answers.  Patting players on their butt and wrapping arms around each other is not going to get it done.  You think Nick Saban tells his players to wrap their arms around each other if adversity ever hits the Tide?  Do you think he told his players to wrap their arms around each other after they lost at home to LSU last year in Tuscaloosa?  I don't think so.

Tyler Wilson came to the media after a 52-0 loss and said what needed to be said.  That it is his job as a leader to keep this orginization and team together and get them focused on Rutgers.  That is exactly what the fans wanted to hear.  He isn't getting paid over $800,000 to be the QB and Captain/Spokesperson of the team.  Usually the Head Coach would be the one who would have the stern voice, instead he would rather tell them to keep their heads up and slap them on their butt. 

Razorback fans need to hope that Tyler Wilson will be back on the field Saturday and that the offensive line will be able to keep the Scarlet Knights defense from knocking their battered leader around.  The one thing Arkansas can't afford is to have Wilson miss more action with an "injury above the shoulders."  

The first "Injury above, and below, the shoulders" of the 2012 football season that happened in April sent the program into a tail spin.  The question is when will it stop? 


Snowman (9/17/2012 4:58 PM)

Great insight. We need more media people like you!

Rudd (9/17/2012 5:04 PM)

Could not agree more!

Robby (9/17/2012 8:13 PM)

This is what I am talking about. A person in the media finally speaks the truth. When will you replace Randy? DTS is getting worse and worse as every day passes. Randy is old. Time to make a change.

Chris (9/18/2012 8:50 AM)

When will we get rid of John L Smith? This is so true. Can they give you a show? I would listen.

Adam (9/19/2012 10:59 AM)

I agree with Chris. We need to hear you on the air more. Your insight is spot on.

Name.. (9/22/2012 9:29 PM)

The Razorbacks are a bunch of losers!! They will be lucky to win two more games this year maybe!

Bobby Petino (10/28/2012 10:39 AM)

I told you the Razorbacks are losers just like me, bobby petino!

Bobby Petino (11/10/2012 4:23 PM)

LoserBack Nation can expect a long drought before ever producing a winning team again! Maybe 2016 or wait, make that 2020.

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