It was a good weekend to wear #15

11/17/2009 9:30 AM

Fayetteville - Rotnei Clark and Ryan Mallett both had record setting games for the Arkansas Razorbacks this past weekend.  

Lets start on Friday the 13th.  Arkansas is playing Alcorn State in it's first game of the season and John Pelphrey was playing with a short bench after players were suspended for their off the court actions during the summer.  Last year Clark averaged 12.2 points per game and made 83 of his 211 three point attempts.  Friday he hit his first 7 three point attempts, and finished with 13 three pointers and 51 points, both of which broke records at the University of Arkansas.

In the football game Saturday Ryan Mallett broke some records as well.  After Matt Harris picked off Troy QB Levi Brown, Ryan Mallett had the nations longest streak of pass attempts without an interception.  He also broke Clint Stoerner's record of pass attempts without an interception and his single season passing yards record.  He is tied with Stoerner for games with at least 300 yards passing in a career at 4.  Stoerner did it in 4 years, he is doing it in 1.  He is also about to break his passing touchdown records in a season.  

It was a weekend for records to be broken this past weekend in Fayetteville.  Both of these guys could shatter many Arkansas records before their careers are over on the hill. 

Being sophomores isn't the only thing that the two have in common......they both wear #15 for the HOGS. 


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