12/1/2008 8:33 AM

Little Rock - You have to feel great for Casey Dick.  He started his career as an Arkansas Razorback in Oxford, Mississippi, and led the Razorbacks to a victory.  Fast forward four years.  After being the guy that just had to make sure he didn't fumble a snap and get the ball to Darren McFadden and Felix Jones, Casey had to drive the ship this year.  He drove it through rough waters, but in the end, he sailed into the sunset perfectly.
 After being benched for his younger brother after the Razorbacks lost on the road in Columbia, South Carolina, to the South Carolina Gamecocks, Nathan Dick got the starting job on the road at Mississippi State.  He started the game leading the Hogs on two scoring drive to take a 14-0 lead.  Head Coach Bobby Petrino didn’t pull him for Casey like he talked about doing during the week of practice.
 After the loss to Mississippi State coach Petrino said that Nathan would be the starter meaning older brother Casey, the senior quarterback, would not start his last game as a Hog.  The Razorbacks started hot just like the week before in Starkville, Mississippi, going up 14-3 on the Tigers of LSU.  They averaged 11.1 yards per play in the first quarter.  The second quarter couldn’t end fast enough for the Hogs.  They had 3 yards of total offense in the second quarter and Nathan threw his first interception of his college career and hurt his thumb while trying to make a tackle.
 During the half coach Petrino went up to Casey and told him he would be in.  After LSU took the third quarter kickoff down the field and scored, it didn’t look good for the Hogs.  Being down 30-14 with a light drizzle and cold temps sent some fans toward the exits. 
 Enter Casey Dick!
 The Razorbacks never gave up.  They battled and while LSU gave them some gifts with STUPID penalties, they kept fighting.  The Defense held LSU scoreless in the fourth quarter, and gave the offense a chance to win the game.
 The game winning drive that Casey Dick led, some call it a miracle I call it fate, would send the crowd that was left into a frenzy.  It is kind of ironic that on fourth and one with no timeouts left, instead of just getting a first down, Casey threw towards the right corner of the south end zone.  Almost the same spot where Matt Jones hit Decori Birmingham for the “original” Miracle on Markham.  There beating a Tiger defender was London Crawford.  He caught the pass and the Hogs were tied with the Tigers at 30.  Alex Tejada who had his struggles throughout the year nailed the PAT and after a 63 yard field goal attempt by LSU fell well short, THE BOOT would stay in the Natural State.
 You just have to feel for Casey Dick who has been through so much during his time in Fayetteville.  One thing is for sure that no one can take away from him…..He went out a winner!


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