12/30/2008 10:59 PM

Fayetteville -

Bud Walton Arena was Rockin!  There was a time back in the 90's when games like this were the norm.  Tonight, this young Arkansas team didn't look at the name on the jersey or the ranking beside it in the polls.  They had a game plan and stuck to it and defeated the #4 Oklahoma Sooners 96 - 88 before 19,604 Hog Wild Fans.  I think that if former head Hog Nolan Richardson watched the game tonight, he smiled.  The Basketball Palace of Mid-America, the one he built, was back to the way it used to be.

John Pelphrey remembers playing against the 40 minutes of Hell that a Nolan Richardson coached Arkansas team would deal to the Kentucky Wildcats when they entered the SEC in 1992.  Tonight his team dealt it to the Sooners.  They didn't press for a full 40 minutes, but they came at Oklahoma almost non stop.  When their double figure lead was cut to single digits, the HOME crowd got off their feet and made noise that some haven't heard in years.  In fact, a University of Arkansas Athletic Department person was overheard at the half saying they couldn't hear John George (Bud Walton's PA Announcer) at times in the first half.  She then said, "But I like it that way!"

This team has a long way to go.  They are young.  If they stay healthy, they will not finish dead last in the SEC West like the media predicted at SEC media days back in October.  

Saturday the Mean Green will come to Alltel Arena.  This team can not over look them.  A loss to North Texas and the win tonight doesn't mean anything.  A win Saturday, and Hog fans can load up the Bud for the Texas Longhorns next Tuesday night.




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