1/10/2009 9:27 PM

Fayetteville - As cold as the temperatures were outside Bud Walton Arena tonight, the Arkansas Razorbacks were colder inside.  The Razorbacks shot 36 percent from the floor and connected only three times in twenty two attempts from behind the three point line. 

How bad was the shooting from beyond the arc?  Michael Washington was the first Razorback to make a three.  Rotnei Clarke was the only other Hog to make a three and he made two.  Stefan Welsh was 0-7 and Courtney Fortson was 0-5.

Mississippi State on the other hand shot 45 percent from the floor and made eleven of twentyseven threes.  They also kept the Hogs from getting fast breaks.  Arkansas had zero fast break points.

This loss is tough for Hog fans to take after the way they played in the non-conference.  Now they must go to two of the most difficult places in the Southeastern Conference to play, Ole Miss and Florida.

Remember Hog fans, it's just one game.  Fifteen more to go before the SEC Tournament.


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