Texas vs. Oklahoma - A Real Football Rivalry?

10/5/2010 12:55 PM

Dallas, Texas -

With the Arkansas Razorbacks not playing a football game last weekend and my wife's birthday comming up later this month, I decided to take her to Dallas for the weekend.  The plan was to take her to the Galleria Mall where she could shop after we flew in on Saturday morning.  While I was looking for activities for that evening, two sporting events came into my mind.  Texas Rangers baseball, and the Texas vs. Oklahoma football game known as the Red River Rivalry played inside the Texas State Fair at the Cotton Bowl Stadium.

I discussed the options with her and we decided to try and get tickets to the football game.  I logged onto to Ebay and I was able to find 2 tickets in the lower level for a reasonable price.  The only problem was that we would be sitting right in the middle of the Texas section.  They split the stadium in half right on the 50 yard line.  Texas on one side and Oklahoma on the other side.

I knew there was no way I could wear the ugly burnt orange and I would not be able to get out of the stadium alive if I would have worn red.  I decided to go with a neutral green and white striped shirt.  My wife picked out a purple shirt.  Maybe some of the fans would think she was a TCU grad.

We had great seats on row 29 and as the game got closer and closer the crowd continued to grow.  There would be guys in Cowboy Boots and startched shirts with Cowboy hats on carrying what smelled like a mixed drink as it whipped past my nose.  Most of the girls wore dresses or mini skirts and boots.  Why the boots?  I saw one female fan pull a half full flask out of her boot, and another joked with a friend of how she snuck her flask past security in her purse. 

As the Texas cannon blasted and the Oklahoma Rufnecks shot their shotguns, you knew it was game time because everyone around you stands up.  Not just in the aisle but on their seat.  So we had to stand on our seat as well, for the entire game.

The Sooners dominated the 1st Quarter and had a 14 point lead unil Texas was able to score on a run by D.J. Monroe of 60 yards.  The Texas fan sitting next to me started high fiving fans all around him and then he turned to me, I just kept my hands crossed and left him hanging.

I am not about to high five a Texas fan.  I wouldn't high five an Oklahoma fan if I was sitting in the OU section either. 

The atmosphere would rival that of a typical gme in the SEC.  The Arkansas - Alabama game surpassed the atmosphere of the Red River Rivalry, but if Texas and Oklahoma were both undefeated the atmosphere could have been off the chart.  Texas and Oklahoma are not very good football teams this year.  Oklahoma had a chance to put Texas away and it seemed that they got to conservative.  Texas had chances but too many stupid penalties and a muffed punt cost them the opportunity to knock off the Sooners.

It was a fun weekend in Dallas, but this weekend the SEC comes to town. 

Texas and Oklahoma are a good rivalry, but no where close to the football played in the SEC.


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