9/28/2008 9:28 AM

It was a rivalry for years before I was ever thought of.  Being from Arkansas I was taught at an early age about the rivalry between Arkansas and Texas.  Five years ago Matt Jones and Cedric Cobbs ran over, around, and through the Texas Longhorns for a 38 -28 win over then #5 Texas. 


Not Today!

Texas was dominant in every facet of the game.  It was the exact opposite of the game 5 years ago to the day.  The Longhorn offense amassed 421 yards in total offense on 73 plays and the defense held Arkansas to 191 yards on 54 plays. 

Texas dominated the line of scrimmage and Colt McCoy orchestrated the Longhorn offense flawlessly.  Arkansas on the other hand looked horrible.  There were missed blocks, running lanes, reads, and catches on offense and on defense there were broken assignments, missed tackles, and at times lack of effort.

The 97,833 fans in attendance, the 2nd largest in Darrell K Royal – Texas Memorial Stadium, saw Bevo Bar-B-Q the Hogs.  Yes, the players were disappointed in their performance.  The apparently had good practices all week long leading up to the game, but for the second week in a row didn’t show it where it mattered the most, on the football field between the white lines.

It is not time for finger pointing with these Razorbacks.  They need to look in the mirror and look at themselves first.  There was not just one player or play that did the Hogs in, it was a combination of several plays. 

Bobby Petrino will right the ship.  It will take some time.  It might not happen this year, and it might not happen next year.  If he is given time and he is committed to the Razorbacks, he will get the job done.

A rivalry was renewed today here in Austin, and unfortunately for the Razorbacks, the Longhorns won for the 29th time in their home stadium.

No rest for the weary, Florida lost to Ole Miss at the Swamp, and will come into Fayetteville fuming next Saturday.

It is going to be a LONG season!


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