Thank You Ryan Mallett

1/26/2011 12:38 PM

Ryan Mallett set 45 different stadium or school records in his two playing years at the University of Arkansas.  45, in two years!  We may never see that again.

Mallett from Texarkana, Arkansas, began his college career at the University of Michigan, but he maintains that he always wanted to be a Razorback.  He attended camps in Fayetteville while he was grooming his game during his high school years. A coach at the camp thought he would be a good tight end and wanted to see Mallett at that position one day at the camp.   

Ryan Mallett wanted to be a quarterback.  Ryan Mallett is a quarterback.  Ryan Mallett went to Michigan to play quarterback.  Lloyd Carr was no longer wanted at Michigan and Rich Rodriguez was named his successor.  Ironically, Houston Nutt was no longer wanted at Arkansas and Bobby Petrino was hired.  Mallett then found a place where he could learn from one of the most prolific offensive coaches in college football.

Mallett had to sit out Petrino’s first year at Arkansas due to NCAA transfer rules.  Arkansas was 5-7 in Petrino’s first year, but in my opinion he learned a lot about the offense he would be guiding for the next two seasons.

Mallett started every game at Arkansas from Missouri State on September 5, 2009 to the BCS Allstate Sugar Bowl against Ohio State on January 4, 2011.  In his two years as a Razorback, Mallett completed 491 passes on 891 attempts for 7,493 yards with 62 touchdowns and 19 interceptions.  7,493 yards and 62 touchdowns is the new record that future quarterbacks will try to match or break.  It may someday happen, but I doubt a quarterback will be able to do it in two years.

I want to publically thank Ryan Mallett for coming to Arkansas and giving the state something to rally around and be excited about.  Razorback fans got a taste of the big time in New Orleans for the Sugar Bowl.  Bobby Petrino has a new 7 year agreement to be the Head Coach at Arkansas and an unheard of buyout that keeps that excitement high. 

Could Arkansas have had this success without Mallett?  Maybe.  The last Arkansas team to win 10 games had Darren McFadden, Felix Jones, and Peyton Hillis and that team finished the 2006 season 10-4.  The next year Arkansas was only 8-5.

Ryan Mallett and Bobby Petrino have given hope to Razorback fans that one day they will win a SEC Championship and if they can accomplish that feat, they should be playing in the BCS National Championship game.  Something I think will happen very soon.

Ryan – Thank you for helping bring Razorback football back to relevance in the state of Arkansas and Nationally.

Ryan Mallett’s 45 Records* he set at the University of Arkansas are below.

Passing Yards-Career (7,493; 2009-10)

Passing Yards-Game (409 vs. Vanderbilt 10/30/10)

Passing Yards-Razorback Stadium (409 vs. Vanderbilt 10/30/10)

Passing Yards-War Memorial Stadium (400 vs. ULM 9/11/10)

Passing Yards-Conference Opener (408 vs. Georgia 9/19/09)

Passing Yards-Conference Game (409 vs. Vanderbilt 10/30/10)

Passing Yards-Season (3,869; 2010)

Passing Touchdowns-Career (62; 2009-10)

Passing Touchdowns-Game (5; 4 times)

Passing Touchdowns-Razorback Stadium (5; 3 times)

Passing Touchdowns-War Memorial Stadium (5 vs. Miss. St. 11/21/09)

Passing Touchdowns-Conference Game (5; 2 times)

Passing Touchdowns-Conference Opener (5; vs. Georgia 9/19/09)

Pass Attempts-Season (411; 2010)

Pass Attempts-Bowl Game (47; 2011 Sugar Bowl vs. Ohio State)

Pass Completions-Season (266; 2010)

Pass Completions-Bowl Game (24; 2011 Sugar Bowl vs. Ohio State)

Total Offense-Game (414 vs. Georgia 9/19/09)

Total Offense-Razorback Stadium (414 vs. Georgia 9/19/09)

Total Offense-War Memorial Stadium (401 vs. ULM 9/11/10)

Total Offense-Conference Game (414 vs. Georgia 9/19/09)

Total Offense-Conference Opener (414 vs. Georgia 9/19/09)

Total Offense-Season (3,795; 2010)

Total Offense Yards Per Play-Career (8.07; 2009-10)

Total Offense Yards Per Play-Season (8.34; 2010)

Total Plays-Season (461; 2009)

300-Yard Passing Games-Season (9; 2010)

300-Yard Passing Games-Career (14; 2009-10)

400-Yard Passing Games-Season (2; 2009 and 2010)

400-Yard Passing-Career (4; 2009-10)

Touchdown Responsibility-Game (6; vs. UTEP 11/13/10)

Touchdown Responsibility-Razorback Stadium (6; vs. UTEP 11/13/10)

Touchdown Responsibility-Non-Conference Game (6; vs. UTEP 11/13/10)

Touchdown Responsibility-Season (36; 2010)

Consecutive 300-Yard Passing Games (5, 9/4-10/9/10)

Consecutive Passes Without an Int. (141, 10/10-11/19/09)


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