3/1/2009 6:00 PM

Fayetteville - The 1994 National Championship team sat courtside to watch the worst team, record wise, the Razorbacks have ever put on the floor in SEC play.  They talked to them before the game, and at times it looked like the type of play on the court that a fan would have seen during the 1994 season.

Head Coach John Pelphrey even got into the hype sporting shiny black boots.  The last coach to sport boots on the bench was Nolan Richardson himself.  Pelphrey said after the game that Coach (Nolan Richardson) was more athletic than him because he almost fell over about 4 times on the sideline.

These young Razorbacks never let Georgia back into the game after taking a 19 to 18 point lead with 11:10 to play in the first half.  They played as a team and when they were not open they found an open man.  When their shot wasn't there, they passed to someone who had a better shot and could knock it down.

They are still tied for last place in the SEC and will be the 6 seed in the SEC tournament that starts a week from Thursday in Tampa, Florida, but today, they showed that they have improved.

Ole Miss visits Bud Walton on Wednesday to wrap up the home schedule for the Raxorbacks then they finish the regular season on the road next Sunday against Vanderbilt in Nashville. 


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