3/4/2009 12:12 PM

North Little Rock - The court is down.  The goals are up.  The tables are set, and the basketballs are bouncing. 

It is open practice day at Alltel Arena, site of the 2009 SEC Womens Basketball Tournament.  It is the third time Alltel Arena has played host to the SEC Womens Tournament. 

Ole Miss was first on the court for their 45 minute work out, followed by the Arkansas Razorbacks.  Ole Miss and Arkansas will tip off the tournament tomorrow at high noon.

The SEC is back in Central Arkansas.  Alltel Arena has hosted two SEC Womens Tournaments, one SEC Gymnastics Championship, and one First and Second round NCAA Mens Tournament.  With the success the NCAA Tounrament had last year, there is no doubt they will be back soon.

The SEC might also be back.  Sites for the next three years have not been announced for the Womnes Tournament.  The Mens Tournament looks like it might be going away from the large domes.  They will be back in Atlanta in two years.  A good tournament this year could land the Mens SEC Tournament one day.

The Arkansas Razorbacks hope to last longer this year than they did the last time Alltel hosted the SEC Womens Tournament.  A win tomorrow and the women will play Auburn, a team that they lost to Sunday in Auburn.

Tickets are available for all sessions. 

March is here and the Madness has started in North Little Rock!!!


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