4/2/2009 1:25 PM

A jam-packed show today.  Coach Nolan Richardson came on with us to talk about the Final Four and whether the rumors about him potentially going to Memphis to take the Tigers' vacancy are true.  Check it out here.

Also Pat's bro and sis-in-law got their first taste of The Zone from the studio.  We had a great time with them as always.  Also today the Rollin' Jack Dandies came in and talked about their gig tonight at On the Rocks.  Check them out on their myspace page here.  Really a great group of young guys.  Laren was in from Sync today to let us know what was going on in central Arkansas in addition to the RJD's show and she also made a comment that will live in infamy (and on the button bar).  What a sweetheart! 


Last but certainly not least, Chris Ciulla who runs the website of the week.  It's called stickandmoveshow.com.  It's a boxing website and the not only knows pugilism, he does a knockout version of Christopher Walken.  UNBELIEVABLE.  Check out his show appearance here.


We are live at the Plant Outlet in Conway on Friday.  Come by and see us at the greenhouse from 10-1!


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