5/4/2009 2:07 PM

What a weekend of sports!  Mine that Bird wins the Derby in a huge mess, Arkansas loses two of three at home to LSU in baseball and Manny knocks Ricky cold at 140 lbs.  Man oh man.  Give a gameball to Michael from Stuttgart who called in to take his lumps as Pac-Man took Hatton out in the 2nd round.  Beautiful punch and finish.  Glad the Guinness-swigger is okay!  Floyd Mayweather Jr. couldn't stand someone else getting praise as PFP champ and started running off at the mouth about his comeback fight in July against Juan Manuel Marquez.  Speaking of boxing,

Jermain Taylor joined us in The Zone last week to discuss his future after his third loss in four fights.  Check that excusive here.

Also how about Rachel Alxandra in the Oaks?  20 length victory?  Sick.

Join Justin at Rhumba for Cinco de Mayo tomorrow!  Great specials and guaranteed fun.  Barrett Baber will be performing live as well.



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