5/19/2009 3:08 PM

Thanks to Kevin Kelly for coming on from Fox 16 live from Los Angeles where tonight Conway's Kris Allen makes his last push to become the 2009 American Idol champion.  Live reports are coming on Fox tonight and you can catch the show as well as the final two perform three songs each. 


The NBA Conference finals start tonight in Los Angeles as well.  The Lakers are hosting the Nuggets and while Joe is feeling good about his team's chances...Chauncey and Carmelo are playing with a lot of confidence!!!

On Wednesday tune in for live updates of the Hogs and Gators in the first round of the SEC Tournament including live reports from      Hoover, AL from Trey Schaap.  We will also visit with Pat Williams the senior VP with the Orlando Magic as his team prepares to try to knock off the heavily favored Cleveland Cavaliers.   Also, make plans to join Justin Wednesday night at Markham St. Grill and Pub for Cubs and Cards. 


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