Last of the 1st round matches TODAY

7/1/2009 8:30 AM

Here are the last of the first round matches in the Best Sports Movie of All Time Bracket.  Also I feel compelled to say that while you can make a case for every movie being moved up or down in the seeding, the truly great ones rise to the top regardless of where they are seeded or which movies they face.  We went to a lot of work in determining a field that included:

a. the clearly best movies no just in sports but in general

b. some of the more widely well-regarded obscure sports movies 

c. spreading love to sports like dodgeball, diving and billiards that don't normally get much time on our air.   

We could have easily done a field of 128 teams and carried this out until 2010, but come on now.  We need to be wrapped up in a couple of weeks.  So while there are a couple of movies that didn't quite make the cut and could/should have, there weren't any movies left out of the field that had a legitimate chance to win.  So with that said today we will settle...

4 Major League vs. 13 For Love of the Game

7 Bad News Bears vs. 10 Rocky 2

5 The Champ vs. 12 North Dallas 40

6 Seabiscuit vs. 11 Rocky 4

8 Prefontaine vs. 9 Friday Night Lights

4 Hurricane vs. 13 Breaking Away

8 Invincible vs. 9 Any Given Sunday




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