The Road the the Sweet 16 Starts TODAY

7/2/2009 6:51 AM

Greatest Sports Movie of All Time round of 32 begins today.  Before I get to that I must wonder aloud, is this the year Andy Roddick does it at Wimbledon?  Yeah, I don't think so either.

We are LIVE at Fireworks World in Sherwood today.  Come by and see us and get a heck of a deal on your holiday necessities!

Okay here we go...

#1 Hoosiers vs. #9 Greatest Game Ever Played

3 Remember the Titans vs. 6 Sandlot

5 The Hustler vs. 13 Cinderella man (This movie about the life of James Braddock scores the second biggest first round upset by knocking off "Slapshot")

2 Raging Bull (we have some great clip on this for today) vs 7 White Men Can't Jump

3 Rocky III (All the Rocky movies advanced to round two.  How bout that?) vs. Varsity Blues (can the whipped cream scene push it throgh again?)

7 Days of Thunder vs. 15 The Waterboy (knocked off #2 Tin Cup in 1st round)

3 Jerry Maguire vs. 6 Wildcats

2 Field of Dreams vs. 10 Miracle

*Programming Note!  We will be off on the 3rd (Friday) in observance of the celebration of the birth of this great nation, but will return with the second half of the round of 32 on Monday!  Have a great and safe 4th of July you Arkansas-Americans!




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