Chalkbot and Angus Beef!

7/16/2009 1:47 PM

Thanks to Adam Heathcott for calling in today from the Tour de France.  He helped develop something for Nike through his work at ad agency Wieden and Kennedy in Portland, Oregon.  It's called Chalkbot and you can learn more about it  by this link.  The cool thing for him is that he has been able to see the impact of his creation live and in person over in France!  Here is our interview with Adam when he called in today to explain the effort. 

Also-our frinds from McDonald's came by with the company's new Angus Burgers.  Moooooo. 

Justin also terrorized Pat for clowning on him during a round at Stonelinks Golf Course as part of their "Buzzish Open" event.  The course looks and plays beatifully this time of year and was a great jumping off point for the Open Championship watching we all took part in today.  John Daly (-2), Bryce Molder (E) and Ken Duke (+1) all performed solidly on day one!  

We will continue to update the tournament tomorrow as we wrap up another great week in The Zone! 

Tonight join Pat from 5-7pm tonight at Mexico Chiquito on Highway 10 and then Pat and Baz will be at Dickey-Stephens tonight for the annual Diamond Dig after the Travs game!




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