5/30/2012 1:13 PM

In a short week here in The Zone we're still trying to hump our way through.  Thanks to Trey and Freakie Joe for stepping up their game and helping me give it back to the people.  Highlight of the day had to come from Barrett Baber, former sales guy supreme for the Buzz, now international ITunes hero for singing us in and out of breaks.  Check out his epic tunes on ITunes!

Also, thanks to Razorback baseball Coach Dave Van Horn for taking time to call into the show from Houston, the site of the HOgs regional.  They take on Sam Houston State Friday at 1 pm and Coach Van Horn tells us about his concerns and what he needs from his team.

And of course big thanks to

our man on the scene of NWA, and Chris Bahn for keeping updated daily on all Arkansas sports.  Check out the site daily.

KATV's Steve Sullivan will be in Thursday as well as the director of the film "America's Parking Lot", which is showing at the Little Rock Film Festival


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