6/1/2012 12:33 AM

Thanks to Steve Sullivan from Ch. 7 for sitting in The Zone and bringing something only he can.  The man is a living legend.  Thanks Sully!

Chicago Bulls guard Ronnie Brewer talked with us for about 25 minutes today about everything from who's the best closer in the game to the recipe to win playoff games.  Ronnie has grown to be among the best of Arkansan pro athletes.  His community outreach and communication skills will ensure his success for years to come.

Also, big thanks to Brent Renaud, the founder of the Little Rock Film Festival for stopping by and filling us in on all the haps for this week's events.  Check out his recent projects on

He brought with him filmmaker and actor Jonny Mars, who filmed the documentary "America's Parking Lot".  It's the story of Dallas Cowboys tailgaters that go through a difficult transition when the Cowboys moved into their new billion dollar stadium.  The love of the game v the business of the game.


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