6/13/2012 11:30 PM

Lotta different viewpoints on the new Razorback football uniforms.  Take a look for yourself

The black uni isn't really black.  It's a strange shade of grey.  I applaud the U of A for the bold change.  Check out the new helmet?  White with red outline of the Hog?

Huuuuuge thanks to Champion LPGA golfer Stacy Lewis for calling into The Zone.  She talked with us about her thoughts on the new unis, the upcoming NW AR golf tourney and what part of her game is most important.

Stacy Lewis

MTV's Tamar Anatai joined us again this week for an update on all her Hollywood friends.  Hear a little of the smack talk.

Tamar Anitai

Thanks to everyone who made today's show a great one!!!!


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