6/14/2012 8:56 PM

The big day is almost here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  And by that I mean Friday.

It was another fast and furious day.  One of the hot topics eas the NBA Dream Team documentary from last night.  The absolute best team ever assembled in the history of sports.

  LB looking good!!!

One of the more amusing moments of this year came from an unlikely place, the comissioner of the NBA David Stern.  He seemed a bit cranky on Jim Rome's show recently.

Big thanks to celebrity Chef Mark Abernathy.  He owns Red Door and Loca Luna in Little Rock and he's a huge NBA fan.  As a matter of fact he used to kick it at drag queen shows with Bill Russell.


Here's his dream table to cook for:


Can't wait for tomorrow.  We are live at Bryant Brake and Tire!  Come on out!



Groftorkren (11/11/2013 11:47 PM)

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