LSU aint scared

9/18/2009 7:36 AM

Did you see the story about LSU playing two in-state FCS schools from the Southland Conference?  Check it here.  That's right, over the next couple of years the Bayou Bengals will face off with McNeese State and Northwestern St.  Even more bizarre, the athletic director specifically cited as one if the reasons for making the games is keeping the money IN STATE.  How about that.  Odd concept.  I would also venture a guess that LSU is getting these teams to play for a lot less than some other out of state teams it would have to bring in to round out the schedule.  Everybody wins.  Not to mention that LSU needn't worry about losing any recruiting battles or games to these former DI-AA opponents.  Perhaps the U of A could follow suit?


Hogfan (9/18/2009 10:38 AM)

It'll never happen. We're afraid of ASU and UCA. They might take our recruits, take our fans (especially UCA since they actually win games), and take our money from state funds. Heck no!

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