6/21/2012 1:34 AM

That's what we consider Wdnesday around here.  Just past the halfway point to anothe glorious weekend.

Gotta give congrats to the future NBA Champs of 2012.....yes the Miami Heat.  They did everything the OKC Thunder couldn't do.  Defend, hit shots, communicate and make the big play at the right time to squeeze out a win.  It hasn't been easy for the Heat but credit where's it due, they took this championship, no one gave it to them.

Thanks to our man on the scene Trey Schaap live from Omaha following the Hogs baseball team and their run to win a World Series.

Thanks to Tamar Anatai from MTV's The Buzzworthy Blog for entertaining us for a few today.  Check out the latest.

Tamar Anitai


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