TD Tuesday with Ole #14

7/10/2012 7:30 PM

Clint Stoerner came in to hang in The Zone on Tuesday and talk some football even though we are WEEKS from the start of the season.  We dicussed why some guys like

Tony Romo

DON'T have the ability to close and although sometimes his numbers aren't the best, guys like

Big Ben do. 

Also sparked by Ron Jaworski's list of best QB's right now.  BTW Aaron Rodgers #1.  Was there any question?  Yes I AM biased.  Go Packers! 

We were also thrilled (thanks to Clint) to get fomer NFL QB and NFL analust Sean Salisbury on the show for a call in.  The man can really talk, but he is really entertaining!  

Thanks to Chris Kramolis for his review of Ted (3.5 bananas) and that movie will figure prominently in our app of the week tomorrow.  We will also continue gathering songs for our bracket for songs with a woman's name in the title.  Talk to you tomorrow at 10am!







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