Hogs, Tide and Cancer Fights

9/23/2009 1:58 PM

OK we are having a tough week because we are out on the Living Billboard this week on Cantrell Road and while we are trying to be positive and send a message of hope, we can't help but admit despair after the Arkansas defense yielded 500 yards of offense to Georgia and the "Scarlet Assassin" Joe Cox on Saturday night.  Admittedly, Georgia is potent offensively under the direction of Mark Richt, but COME ON MAN.  500+ yards?  Silly.  Crazy.  Ridiculous.  I never though I would see the day when 41 points and 400 plus passing yards for the Hogs wouldn'tbe enough to win a regulation SEC game.  Dang.  Anyway please come by the billboard and donate and sign up to win a new pair of New Balance shoes or Robin Williams tickets (next month at Verizon Arena).  You can also donate through the website OR text "coach" to 20222 and $5 goes to ACS.  A lot of ways to help.  Also, you may want to hit church tonight and drop a prayer for the "D" in Fayetteville.


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