DMB, Jenny Finch and the Worst Loss ever

9/30/2009 12:31 PM

Thanks to Jenny Finch (yes the former superstar softball hottie) for coming in The Zone to talk about...avacados?  Yes I know.  Check the interview out though by clicking her name.  She was actually very cool and fun and is coming to town next month for a pitching clinic.

Also-Dave Matthews Band performed at Dickey Stephens Park Tuesday night.  Amazing show with horns, Tim Reynolds and some amazing cover tunes in addition to most of the new album.  The Talking Heads "Burning Down the House" was maybe the most crowd-pleasing song of the night.  Some very cool moments for sure with 13,000 music lovers.  Not sure who is coming next to DS Park, but it is an AMAZING venue for music.  Kudos to Pete Laven and the whole staff over there. 

Last but not least...thanks to our friends at Barstool Sports for providing this one.  Aside from Leon Lett's debacle...this is the worst loss in history.  Crazy.




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