8/8/2012 11:42 PM

While we try to bring information and sports to the masses we try to enetertain as well.  This week's APP of the week does that.  Take a look at the APP that will make you feel like a star, especially since you have no talent.  It's SONGIFY.  Lay down a track, autotune yourself and win a Grammy.  Take a listen to The Zone's first experiment to find a star.

We didn't stop there.  Our old friend and driver to the stars, Jerry Fitzpatrick, recently released his book of his ventures of being the bus driver for the best bands in the world.  He went on to tell us some more of the dirty little secrets of how the stars travel on the road.

Tales from the Trails of a rock n' roll Bus Driver.

And special thanks to our man on the scene Chris Bahn from who gave us the haps on Hogs football practice and the lowdown on Dr. Dean Lee being reassigned from his AD post at Ark St.


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