Shane Matthews and Favre-QB Monday!

10/6/2009 7:54 AM

Shane Matthews joined us on the ohone in The Zone Monday to talk football and give us his thoughts on the chase for the national title.  We also discussed his musical tastes and whether Florida as disavowed Jesse Palmer.  Listen to the interview here.

Also-wow Brett Favre still has it.  The dude is threading the needle and leading a Vikings team that may have what it takes to go deeeeeep into the playoffs.  24-31 for 271 with 3 TD's and no picks?  Yeah, he's playing pretty well.  Unlike last year, he needs to prove he can do it in weeks 12-16.  On a sidebar...if the Packers figure out a way to protect Aaron Rogers, the green and gold may also find a way into the postseason. 


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