9/5/2012 12:43 PM

Happy Hump Day FOZ's!!!  Short week because of the holiday but I'll take it.  More football this weekend and I'll take that.  Thanks to Kevin Crass, War Memorial Stadium Board of Trustees member, for coming into The Zone off the top.  Kevin talked about the Hog game this weekend and availability of good tix.  Go Hogs!!!


Next we had crazy man Croix Sather on.  This man ran through Death Valley, by himself and did it in 72 hours and 55 minutes. Hear how he slept and why he attempted this nutso feat.

Big thanks to our good buddy Chris Bahn from for one of his bi-weekly visits into The Zone.  Chris talked about last week Hog's game and his visit to Oregon for the ASU matchup.  He may have or may have not seen Chunk from the Goonies, it was filmed out there.

It's always a great day when NFL legend Tony Siragusa enters The Zone.  Great, candid conversation with the Goose promoting his new book "Goose: The Outrageous Life and Times of a Football Guy".  He talked about everything froom the time he had 2 anema's before a football game to breaking down this year's NFL.  The Goose is made for entertainment. 


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