9/27/2012 11:09 AM

We're climbing our way to the weekend and and still looking for answers.  And once again our good buddy from, Chris Bahn.  We got into the Hogs, offense and defense, injury report and what to expect Saturday vs Texas A&M.

Of course here in The Zone we don't only talk Hogs football, so college football writer Michael Felder from joined us to talk what's going on nationally.


gerald breckenridge (9/29/2012 1:15 PM)

I am really put off with the strupi white helments, I can,t even watch it on tv I am listing on radio, and find myself ruting for A&M, and I have supported the hogs for 54 years, and snedt thousands of dollars on them!! Can you see Alabama changing colors NO I supported Jeff Long when he fired BP, but he is NOT A RAZORBACK and NEVER will BE. He also lied about John L. he had hid in the closet and let that poor man take all the heat, when he told him to leave things alone. Now he is contentvto let the program go down the tubes. Hopefully Neb will call hem!

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