10/3/2012 12:04 AM

Great day in The Zone, not only were we able to put off Razorback football talk for most of the show we had filmmaker Billy Corben on.  Thanks to Tony Romo and his 5 picks in the Cowboys MNF loss we basically crapped on him for the better part of the show.

Serious question Cowboys fans....is he the guy that can lead this team to a SuperBowl?  Is it the coaches?  O-Line?  Defense? Management?

When will the STAR rise again????????

Thanks to Jim Harris from www.ArkansasSports360.com for calling into The Zone and giving his thoughts on the 21st century Titanic that is the Razorback football season.  Thanks Jim!

And with his triumphant return into The Zone fimmaker Billy Corben chetted with us about the debut of his new ESPN 30 For 30 film "Broke".  He goes into incredible detail of how common it is for pro athletes to spend and give away all their money.  Hear it straight from the man himself.....


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