10/5/2012 1:10 AM

Wild one in The Zone today.  It might have gotten away from us a little bit at the end but so be it.  No reporters were harmed during the show.

We kicked it off by talking to Auburn play by play man Rod Bramblett.  Very interesting to hear his side of if Gene Chizik is on the hot seat.  Also, everything you need to know about this weekend's game.

Thanks to ESPN SEC blogger, Edward Aschoff, for joining us and giving his thoughts on the Hogs, the SEC and a breakdown of this weekend's game.

Ok, here's where some of the wheels started to get a little wobbly on the show.  If you havent heard, this news reporter got an email from a viewer criticizing her weight, writing she should be a better role model and get in shape.  Well, she decided to take it to the court of public opinion.  Not sure if this was what she expected.  This is The Zone way of breaking this issue down to its crazy core.  Here's her audio and the Zone breakdown.


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