12/5/2012 12:01 AM

Wild day in The Zone as we went live from the Peabody hotel in LR for the 17th Broyles Award honoring the nation's top college football coordinator.  Congrats to Notre Dame's DC Bob Diaco.  Here's the players involved:

Kliff Kingsbury TX A&M.  Cool cat and a great Coach.  I'm sure will get a shot as head coach soon.  Great chat with us on where he takes his vacations.

Bob Diaco Notre Dame DC is one impressive dude.  Sharp as they come and fun to be around.  His words on Manti Te'o made me a believer.

Derek Mason Stanford DC is a guy you can talk to for days on a number of topics.  In fact, we chatted about the recently departed Rick Majerus in one of the breaks.  You'll be happy to know of his LR ties.

Last years winner, LSU DC John Chavis even stopped by to say what's up.  "The Chief" don't play.  But it's what he said he learned a long time ago in recruiting that's made the big difference.

We talked with Georgia OC Mike Bobo and Florida DC Dan Quinn at the same time!  You'd think it would have gotten physical but believe it or not they seem to be pretty good friends.  They both enjoyed pushing the other's buttons.

So here's the big flop of the day.  Yeah yeah yeah I know we said Mike Gundy was gonna be the Hog coach, well, he ain't so get over it.  We flopped, if it was the NBA we would have been fined.

Here's your new Head Football Hog:



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