MNF, MLB and Baz's BDAY

10/13/2009 1:17 PM

The Zone rolled on without out fearless leader, Justin Acri, who was taking care of some of his own biz.  How much fun was that Monday Night Football game?  Two young QB's, Wildcat offense and 5 4th quarter TD's.  Last night Grumpy's was rocking, and Pat only ate 15 wings.

Jim Harris from stopped in to talk Hog football.  We talked with Ron Ron from about some fantasy football, as well. 

Chris Kromolis from Tropical Smoothie Cafe gave his Average Guy Movie Review of "Capitalism: A Love Story".  He gave it 5 bananas!!!!  First time ever.  It also sparked a little controversy with the listeners.  That's what Michael Moore does.

High School Gridiron Report tonight with Steve Sullivan and Jim Harris 7 pm.

Happy Birthday Baz!!!


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