Signing Day part deux

2/7/2013 2:05 PM

A wild day indeed in The Zone as we all continued on "Alex Collins Watch" day two.  Oh, by the way, the highly touted running back did in fact sign on the dotted line with the help of his pops and not his mother who was hesitant to sign.  Hesitant?  UNDERSTATEMENT OF THE YEAR.

Anyway looking forward to hearing more about this Florida star-in-the-making from Coach Bielema tonight at Signing Day in the Rock.  You can still get tickets for the event at the door tonight at Verizon Arena.  This will be my first go round on the event so I am excited.  We will bring you sound from Coach B and his assistants tomorrow in The Zone as we come to you live from

Tropical Smoothie Cafe in Benton...the newest location (by Tinseltown theater)! 

We had a lot less drama in Conway for National Signing Day and Clint Conque came on today to talk about his 2013 UCA class and how much this process of recruiting has changed over the years.

You can check out the interview here.


Speaking of UCA-former Sugar Bear golfer Christina Lecuyer came in to hang out...speaking of recruiting...UCA got her from Canada of all places.


And speaking of Canada...Happy Birthday 39-year old Steve Nash!

Also got a National Signing Day perspective on Arkansas and teams around the country from Dave Bartoo of

Dave says Arkansas was pretty solid.

And also appreciate Barrett Sallee

of  Another great perspective on signing day and man this dude is as fun a guest as we ever have.

We talked about all the Collins' craziness among other things.

Thanks to everyone who has been a loyal Zone listener over the years. 

Thanks to all of you who persevere.

Change is hard...but I will tell you that we will continue to bust it and try to make the mid-day the most fun three hours of your radio-listening day all through the work week.  The show is not about the hosts.  The show is about the listeners.  So to all of you, thanks for listening to the Buzz.

Stay curious, my friends.



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