Manic Monday

2/12/2013 6:08 AM

Saturday was a rough one for Arkansas as the Hogs were blown out 67-49 at Vandy.  The same Vandy team that in the first meeting scored 33 points TOTAL had 35 in the first half.  That’s hoops.  When you shoot 50% from the floor including 9-22 from 3, you win most of the time.  The Hogs have a huge bounce back game on Wednesday against Auburn.  Some things to build on…the Hogs had 11 steals and just 12 TO’s in the loss.  What we learned is they can’t do it without Marshawn Powell on the floor.  He got in early foul trouble and the game was never the same.


Thanks to Randy Dixon of the Pryor Center for Oral and Visual History for coming in.  He brought several great clips from Arkansas sports history including one of


Bear Bryant talking about how he verbally committed to taking the Arkansas job but Kentucky wouldn’t let him leave!  Remember the bad old days when guys didn’t break contracts?  Before the days of multi-million dollar buyouts?  Oh what COULD have been!  Houndstooth on the Hill???

We also played some clips of the Hogs rolling on the court in the 70’s.  Yeah I miss it too.


Thanks also to Chris Kane for coming in.  Little known fact is Chris has one co-host on KATV’s Daybreak who along with her husband is a ton of fun at Jimmy Buffett concerts and Oaklawn trips.  Heck they’re fun at insurance conventions.

The other is really talented and is often victimized by me on Ruzzle.  It’s a game on your phone that is like Boggle.  It’s more addictive than a crack-heroin combo meal and while cheaper, it can be far more destructive to your home life…QUIET DOWN KIDS…I’M TRYING TO MAKE A 10-LETTER WORD ON MY PHONE!

Tuesday in The Zone we will be talking hardball and hoops and will be joined in studio by one of central Arkansas’ most beautiful and talented people to talk about the UALR game at ASU.


Yep…Steve Shields. 


Oh…and Christina Lecuyer will be in too.



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