Cruisin for Hoops

2/12/2013 11:02 AM

Tuesday in The Zone was especially fun.  We played "Get Some Facts".  Thanks as always to the voice of Jim Calhoun (UCONN).


The question was how many times has Arkansas beaten Auburn in its last six SEC road wins…answer…THREE!

That is amazing if you think about it.  That includes 77-71 and 57-55 the last two years.  I think they make it three years in a row winning there.  It is a critical game for the Hogs.  If they lose this could be the beginning of the end.  A tough Missouri team comes calling Saturday and then they have to knock off a vastly improved Georgia team.  Gotta get this one.  Coverage starts at 7:30pm on 103.7 The Buzz and will be followed by the 5th Quarter.

Thanks to Christina Lecuyer for coming in.  Amazingly nobody in the studio all day including Matt Jones (who came in late to promote Overtime), Chris Kramolis from Tropical Smoothie Cafe or even UALR men’s bball Steve Shields had ever been on a cruise.  We discussed it in light of the Carnival cruise ship that broke down in the gulf of Mexico. 

Not fun. guys want a ride????  

Shields of course  was actually in to talk about the Valentines Day showdown with ASU in Jonesboro which you can hear here.  Little known fact, Shields is four times more fun than the average head coach which he is indicating here.


We also spoke to Doug Brodess of about some college hoops from the national perspective and how many SEC teams he expects to get in the NCAA Tourney.  He is really good and we will get him on again soon.


 In addition many thanks to Jim Harris the wise sage who always gives us perspective on our Tuesdays.  He, by the way, is not as optimistic as I am about Arkansas' prospects for a Wed. win.


Hump day show is PACKED.  Former Cowboy Bill Bates

 will be in to talk NFL and his career,

Phil Elson is sitting in and in the essence of fairness…we will talk to


ASU head coach John Brady about Thursday night’s game against UALR.  



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