Thursday Zone from Ideal Feet

2/21/2013 2:13 PM


It was a fun show today, thanks to the great folks at Ideal Feet for having us today. We had an excellent time hanigng out with Clarence and I wouldn't speak so highly of their products and service if I wasn't proof of how great they are.  

We had an excellent interview with Former NBA player Craig Ehlo. Craig was part of history and tends to get overlooked because of a guy named Michael Jordan who happened to steal the spotlight.  He is now an assistant coach at Eastern Washington and was part of a great run in Cleveland and in his opinion a team that was THIS close to making a title run.  Good Stuff!! 

Rhett Thompson was on for some Lacrosse talk. Rhett is with Little Rock Lacrosse.  I think it's a great sport for boys and girls and there are lots of opportunities for youngsters in central Arkansas to get involved.

We also had Jeff "Money" Taylor's Oaklawn picks. They were pretty easy to remember today. Race 1, 2, and the longshot are all the # 2 horses (longshot comes in the 3rd race).  The feature pick is #4 in the 8th.

In the ZONE SEGMENT OF THE DAY, we have some issues with SIRI and the Iphone. We played a parody of the Zooey Deschanel Iphone commercial. Big Baby is an admitted obsessed fan of Miss D and would be a full-fledged stalker if he lived closer.  I am a now FORMER critic of the iphone5 vs. iphone4S.  Chris Kane proved to me I was wr...wro...wro...wrong.  THERE I SAID IT!!  BACK OFF ME!

Coming up Friday in THE ZONE, Bill Vickery from The Sunday Buzz will be on to speak down to everyone. If we can manage to get a word in we will talk to Ken Griffey about his show in Hot Springs, Jeff Taylor, Robbie Neiswanger with Arkansas News Bureau about the Hogs game against Georgia,

Breanne Heldman with Yahoo! entertainment for an Oscar preview and we'll also get an update regarding the NFL Combine.  Gonna be fun.

Thanks for listening to THE ZONE from 10 to 1!








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