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2/22/2013 1:39 PM


Thanks to William Vickery, Jr. for being on the show with us today. Special thanks to Vickery for not insulting my sweater this week. 

Sigmund Bloom lead writter for NFL Draft called in to talk about several topics including what he thought the Hogs had to probe at the NFL Combine

We talked Hog Hoops after their win Thursday Night. This prompted former Razorback Ernie Murray to call in. 

Phil Elson who was on in studio Monday and Tuesday called in from the road to talk about how the Trojan men and women's team performed. 

Robbie Neiswanger from Arkansas News Bureau spoke with us on the Revolution hot line also. We spoke with Robbie about Hog basketball and he commented on how Tyler Wilson got ready for this week's NFL Combine.

Jeff "Money" Taylor called in with his picks. 

Race 1) #2 Heavenly Alibi

Race2) #3 Shinny Tinjo

Race3) #3 ItsABeautifulThing

Race7) #1 HalfNOops 

The Oscar's (as they are now called, goodbye boring Acadamy Awards) are this Sunday and Breanne Heldman is, let me take a deep breath for this, the New York Bureau Chief at Yahoo! Entertainment.  Clunky?  Sure.  But she is a wonderful wealth of entertainment knowledge.

 She was on to talk about the nominees and who she thinks is America's Sweetheart as posed by Big Baby and also who she likes to take home the little naked man statues this weekend.  Seriously, the Oscar looks like that 



dude who's all blue and wearing underwear and smuggling a twinkie from The Watchmen.  You know you thought it too.

Coming Up Monday we are live from Landers Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram and will have Chris Kane on, Game Balls and Jock Straps as well as former NCAA coach Dave Odom.  We also get a couple of return visits from Sigmund Bloom on the weekend results at the combine and Breanne will join us again to recap the Oscars. 

Thanks for listening to THE ZONE from 10 to 1!






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