2/27/2013 1:54 PM


It was a jam packed show today, Dr. Fitz Hill was on with us and spent almost a full hour with us. I broke his audio up into two segments. In this first segment he talks about the new documentary Growing Hope and dropped some new information about the status of Michael Dyer. Dr. Hill informed us that Michael plans to play D-1 football next fall and not go to the NFL and that Michael has made great academic progress and is on the honor roll. 

Dr. Hill also talks about his book, Crackback!, which deals with the challanges faced by African-American coaches. 

In studio was Christina Lecuyer. Christina was fantastic as usual, even when she hijacks the show and changes the topics which for you ths listener means you got some insight into women's golf and hockey.  Important and interesting topics that they are!

We did manage to get a discussion in about tonight's Hog basketball game against LSU and make our predictions. 

Robert Turbeville spoke with us about recruiting. You can check out more from Robert at 

Doug Brodess from was nice enough to work with us today. We meant to have Doug on earlier in the show and he was able to reschedule for us so we could get his SEC update. 

John Carlton, owner of the Jacksonville and Hot Springs Firehouse Sub locations stopped in bearing gifts of delicious sandwiches. John also happened to play football at Ole Miss in the 80's. 

One of our absolute favorite guests is none other than UALR's Big Joe Kleine! Joe was in to not only talk about the big week for UALR but we had some fun getting his reaction to some clips from Grumpy Jim Boeheim. JIM HATES ALL YOU MEDIA IDIOTS!  Wait, that means me.  Bummer.  The good news is that Joe did NOT wear his short shorts in the studio today...geez Joe cover up!

In our Zone SEGMENT OF THE DAY we play some more audio from an easily agitated Boeheim. Enjoy! 

Coming up Thursday we will be live at Contractors Equipment Company and will be joined by Phil Elson. We will talk with Brad Teague and Clint Conque about lots of exciting things happening at UCA, get our Oaklawn picks from Jeff "Money" Taylor and the faboulous Matt Couch will join us as always sponsored by Mooya's Burgers, Fries and Shakes.



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