Big fight and big recap Monday

3/4/2013 3:09 PM

A fairly insane Monday if I do say so myself. Goodness gracious we had a lot of ground to cover.  We talked about The Hogs win over the ‘Cats. The Trojans win over the Red Wolves and UCA and UALR dominating on the diamond.

Speaking of baseball, the DiamondHogs went to Arizona for a weekend tournament and came back 0-4 including two losses to ASU (the one in Tempe) and one each to Pacific and Gonzaga. It was not lost on us that the tourney is
called the Coca-Cola Classic. Arkansas recently switched as a university from Coke to Pepsi. You see me working here? Karma struck the Pigs DOWN this weekend as they dropped all three games by three runs or less.  There have been a lot of vocal people about the switch off the field in the concessions and now perhaps that decision is costing the team ON the field.
Speaking of battles...we had an EPIC fight between a caller named Ira who called in to complain about this call from Michael from Stuttgart and then started in on Tiger Bait
Goodwin got heckled, Coach Cal got frustrated and the Hogs got back to winning.  That means the game Tuesday night against Coach A’s old club is a big one if the Hogs are to keep their long shot hopes of an NCAA appearance alive.
We also spent a lot of time talking about the ups and downs of Dennis Rodman going overseas and meeting
with Kim Jong Un and then getting OWNED by George Stephanopoulos...we included some clips of that interview in our commentary.  The question to ask yourself is..."Can you be friends with someone who is a straight up TERRIBLE person?"
We also were thrilled to have Reggie Swinton in to talk about a lot of things including his celebrity golf tournament and mixer coming up on March 17 and 18. An A-LIST group coming in for this one and you can find out more at
Whew, I’m exhausted. I mean beat. BUT we come back tomorrow for ANOTHER great show that will include a visit with former Arkansas TE Chris Gragg and new ASGA Hall of Fame member Ken Duke! Stay classy…stay in The Zone. Thank you so much for listening!


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