3/20/2013 1:28 PM


 Justin was back and in full force after a quick trip to New Orleans. The Zone was live from First Security in Cabot qualifying listeners for the Green Jacket Giveaway. Since she IS a professional golfer, Christina knows a thing or two about a thing or two when it comes to golf.  

 We get a recap of the NOLA trip, the first for the entire Acri crew, kids and all. On the way down, in his eager anticipation of the fun to come, our host was a little heavy on the gas pedal and had a run in with the law. Christina also gives us an update on her trip to Panama. 

 With March Madness kicking off tomorrow, we had to acknowledge our Hogs didn't exactly make it. This was a great time to take calls for the best "Hog Epitaphs" you would put on this seasons tombstone. The winner ended up being Josh from Cabot who snagged himself an Oaklawn track pack.  

Barrett Sallee from joined us. Barrett talked with us about all things SEC. 

Our Promo wizard, Matthew Couch, stopped in to talk about what is coming up with the Buzz shows. As always, Matt is sponsored by the fantastic Mooya's Burgers, Fries, and Shakes. 

 Thursday we will be live at Dugan's Pub for the kick off of March Madness. Christina will be back along with one of our good Zone friends, the Volunteer Vixen. We talked to the Vixen today as she gets excited for her Tennessee Vols. Not only is she a Vol's fan but when she's not calling in to The Zone she also reports for Channel 11 and is an expectant mother! 

Join us Thursday at Dugan's Pub for the March Madness kickoff and get something delicious for lunch while you are there. We will also get Jeff Taylor's Oaklawn picks and much more. Thank you for listening to THE ZONE from 10 to 1!



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