4/19/2013 1:44 PM

 The Zone was live Friday from Lacey's Boating Center in Cabot and we were joined by the host of The Sunday Shenanigans, Mr. Bill Vickery. We were all shocked and horrified earlier this week when we learned of the bombings at the Boston Marathon. During our show and as I type this a man hunt goes on for the 2nd suspect. Last night the 1st suspect was killed and we discussed the latest developments.



In happier topics, the Arkansas Red-White game is Saturday and we previewed what is in store for tomorrow's game that you can listen to on The Buzz with pre-game starting at 1:30.





While talking about the loser who as of this moment is still in hiding, we mention he will need some serious legal counsel which brought up the topic of the disgraced Coach Mike Rice and some of the other "hires and fires" we could think of. 

While at Lacey's Boating Center we were joined by Dustin who told us about some of the great boats they have in stock. Some so fast Doc Brown is reported to be making his next time machine out of one. We also find out how to measure a nautical knot. You never know what you will learn on this show! 

The host of the Buzz's morning show without a name, "The Outlaw" Tommy Smith stopped by Lacey's to hang with us for a bit while he was on his way home since he is a long time Cabot resident. Tommy points out how people don't get away with things like the bombing these days and also got into some NFL talk including a top ten list of best matchups. 

Joining us on the Revolution HotLine was Robbie Neiswanger from the Arkansas News Bureau. He is their Razorback reporter so we talk with him about the Red White game and the baseball teams match up this weekend with Texas A&M. 

In our ZONE REWIND, we look back at the week and realize how quickly things that seem to bother you become so insignificant when something takes place like what happend in Boston this week. 

 Monday we will be live from Rebsamen Golf Course for the Buzz Golf Tournament and will be joined by Chris "Sugar" Kane. We will have gameballs and jockstraps and talk to Grahm Gordy from the new show Rectify on the Sundance Channel. We hope you have a happy and safe weekend and we thank you for listening to The Zone from 10 to 1!



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