4/25/2013 1:56 PM

 Today in our thirsty Thursday edition of The Zone, we were joined by Christina Lecuyer and with the NFL Draft kicking off tonight we talked about the prospects and which Razorbacks we think will make the cut. 

Speaking of Razorbacks and the NFL Draft, we happen to have a Razorback who went to the draft and was picked to play for the Jacksonville Jaguars. His name is Matt Jones and he is the co-host of the show that is on right after The Zone known as Overtime. Matt shares with us his memories of the day he was drafted.   


 In our ZONE SEGMENT OF THE DAY, we check in with Uncle Si from Duck Dynasty. Si spends quite a bit of time out duck hunting so it's no suprise he just now caught up with seeing the movie TED. His take on the movie is classic Uncle Si. 

On to talk with us about all of the big summer movies coming out was Breanne Heldman. She  writes about celebrity news for OMG! on Yahoo.com and also takes some exception to the fashion sense of one well known and very hip and trendy Zone host. To keep up to date you can check out Breanne's work HERE

Our promo prince, Matt Couch, joined us to talk about all of the fun stuff coming up with the shows on The Buzz and where they will be broadcasting at in the coming days. We also talk about some other fun stuff with Matty, like athletes who blow all of their money. 

 Coming up Friday we will recap the NBA playoff games and update you on the NFL draft and talk to Robbie Neiswanger from the Arkansas News Bureau. PigSkin will be in studio and Randy Dixon will be in to talk about preserving Oral and Visual History at the Pryor Center and we will have your Zone Rewind. All that and more is coming up Friday on The Zone from 10 to 1. Where sports and entertainment have always come crashing together!


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