6/3/2013 2:07 PM

   Today in The Zone we started off by talking about the Hogs loss at the Manhattan Regional Conference this past weekend. The Hogs lost to Kansas State Sunday and were eliminated from the tournament but it was fun while it lasted. In studio with us to talk about it was the soon to be married Chris “Sugar” Kane from KATV.

   The UCA Bears on the other hand are still in the Starkville Regional after beating the University of South Alabama Sunday eliminating them. We spoke to Coach Allen Gum about his team’s win and their game tonight against Mississippi State.

 Also tonight is game 7 of the Eastern Division Playoffs between the Heat and Pacers. We recap game 6 and discuss the comments made by Roy Hibbert that earned him a 75,000 dollar fine.

 In our Zone Segment of the Day, Justin wants to know why ESPN 3 and all the games aired on this digital format can’t just be on his television. Some of the younger folks in the studio, like our young intern Tyler, try to explain to the aging host how simple it really is to watch online content on the Acri households big screen. Some people are just so set in their ways!

 In this SPOILER ALERT of a segment we talk about what happened on Game of Thrones last night. It was apparently a shocking Game of Thrones episode where many characters were killed off in a brutal manner. Not having HBO personally I have yet to catch up on this series so thanks to this segment I will know exactly what is to come.

Coming up Tuesday in The Zone Matt Stell will be on the show with us, we will recap game 7 with Big Joe Kleine presented by Corky’s and we will talk to Jim Harris from Sporting Life Arkansas. All that and more Tuesday on The Zone with Justin Acri


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