6/17/2013 2:39 PM

 The Zone was back live in the Furigh Electric Studios today along with the voice of The Travs Phil Elson. The US Open was in full effect over the weekend and we got a phone update from Josh Dickenson who is the Caddy for Edward Loar.

 The Spurs beat the Heat last night in Game 5 of the NBA finals. On the Revolution hotline with us from Project Spurs was Michael De Leon. You can stay up to date with the Spurs at Michael’s website

In to talk about the first “Iron Sharpens Iron” football camp at Dupree Park was defensive tackle for the Seattle Seahawks Clinton McDonald. Clinton is a native of Jacksonville, Arkansas and has started the camp to teach kids the latest skills and fundamentals of football. All proceeds will be donated to the Jacksonville Boys and Girls club. To sign up you can contact Bonnie McDonald at 982-6418.

 In our Zone Segment of the Day we talk about the fight that broke out between the Diamondbacks and L.A. Dodgers. Justin and Phil discuss the incident and each share their opinions on what should happen in these situations.

 Coming up Tuesday, Phil is back and we will talk about the greatest baseball movie ever made. Also, Big Joe Kleine presented by Corky’s BBQ is in to talk NBA Finals and we will talk to Jim Harris from Sporting Life Arkansas. Also, the Tropical Smoothie Average Guy Movie Review from Chris Kramolis. Thanks for listening to The Zone from 10 to 1!


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